Interview with Mariana

Posted on Saturday, May 12, 2012

Coming with another interview with one of my favorite Brazilians. Introducing Mariana!! Hope you enjoy!!

Where did you grow up in Brazil?
I grew up in the Wonderful City - Rio de Janeiro!!!

What is your profession?
My profession... I want to be an Engineer, now I am a Master's Student.

Which languages do you speak?
- I speak Portuguese, English, French (I'm still not able to write well in French) and some Spanish (Portonhol, like we say in Brazil!!) =D

How did you learn English?
I studied a little bit, however, I improved my skills listening to music (such as Queen!!), watching movies and talking to people. I still have some problems with prepositions.

What is your cultural/ethnic background?
Ethnic background... well, I'm Brazilian... just mix white, black and native Brazilians and you will get "something" very similar to me!! :p

Favorite place in Brazil?
Now that I'm far, my favorite place is my mother's house, and Parque Lage.

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What is you favorite time of year in Brazil?
- I love summer! I was born during summer.

What is your best Carnival memory?
- I think the best memory, at least a recent one,  was when I started my Bachelor degree. Me and my new friends from my University had a lot of fun together.

How has Brazil changed over the years?
Well, Brazil is a strong economy now. But internally we still have most of the same old issues.

Could you see yourself living anywhere else? (Outside your current
city or abroad)

- I live in France now.. But I still could imagine myself living somewhere else - not here. I am going to do an internship in Denmark, and so far the idea of living there pleases me very much.

How is it different living in France compared to Brazil?
- Food, weather, the speed of making friends...

What things do you miss about Brazil?
- Meat, weather, beach, friends, family

What are your plans after finishing your Master's Degree in France?
- I want to start working!

How did we meet?
I think I was watching a Rugby game in a bar (maybe close to Ipanema) with some friends, and you called me (we had talked before on CouchSurfing), and I left the bar to look for you.

How can you tell that a person is a gringo/gringa - minus language?
- Well... Usually you can tell that looking at the very white ones, that just arrived in Brazil.. after a while, I don't know... maybe it's possible to tell by their accent (but that's excluded from the possible answer)

What is your biggest annoyance about visitors?
The biggest annoyance of visitors is the false image they have about my country and my people. I hope when/if they spend enough time there, they are able to change their point of view. ;)

Favorite foreigners? (country)
I don't have favorite foreigners. As long as they are friendly and respective, I love everyone!

Advice to future visitors coming to Brazil?
Leave some of the preconceptions at your country! And be safe.


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