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Posted on Sunday, April 22, 2012

For those that are interested in visiting Brazil, I decided to talk about the process of obtaining a visa and clearly any confusion about why American citizens must get a visa before entering the country.

Unlike when traveling to Europe or other parts of Central and South America, US citizens need to an official tourist visa to enter the country. The reason for this is that the Brazilian government policy of reciprocity. The US government requires all Brazilian citizens to have a visa in order to enter the US and this visa costs about 140 dollars. So Brazilian responds to this policy by requiring the same of US citizens. This is very understandable and fair, atleast I think so, and it is still a far much easier process for US citizens compared to Brazilians.

The process for obtaining a visa is as follows:

a) have a valid passport;

b) a return ticket (return must be booked);

c) evidence of having enough financial resources to pay for their expenses during their stay in Brazil. The individual should allocate at least R$ 170, 00 for daily expenses. Examples of documents accepted as evidence: a credit card and its last invoice where the credit limit can be assessed;

d) if the tourist is staying in a hotel: evidence/receipt of the booking, or

e) in case the individual is staying with a host family: an invitation letter  from a Brazilian citizen living in the Brazilian city where the tourist is going to. The letter should state the period of time the Spanish tourist is staying in the residence, and it has to be signed by the host as well as certified by a register office which will issue a proof of residence in the name of the host. (Please note that there is no standard form for the letter of invitation. Provided that the information above is included, the letter should be

In my experience c, d, and e were not asked about and I did not provide documents

Next go to the to the website of the consulate that represents your region of the US, then fill out and print the tourist visa application

Visa request form

Here is where things can get a bit annoying if you don't have all the correct documents. I suggest mailing in everything instead of having to drive or fly to the nearest consulate. Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. (embassy) 

Go to the post office and get a US postal service money order for $140. NO CASH, CREDIT, or NON-USPS money orders will be accepted. While at the post office obtain 2 express next day envelopes: 1 with the address of the consulate and 1 with your home address. 

Place inside:

visa application
photocopy of round trip tickets to Brazil
photocopy of driver's license or photo ID as proof residence in consulate region
2 passport photos
USPS money order for $140
return express mail envelope

After you mail everything, it should take about 2 days to get your documents returned with your valid Brazilian visa.

This will is good for 10 years with a total of 180 days allowed per year in the country. So basically you can stay 6 months per year in Brazil for 10 years.

So get now that you have your visa it is time to get out there and enjoy all that Brazil has to offer

Brazilian Consulate in Atlanta
Embassy of Brazil in Washington D.C.
Brazilian Tourism Website


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